Filebeat to Elastic (7.4): connection refused

I installed Elastic, Kibana and Heartbeat as instructed. All 7.4, Ubuntu 18.04 and all working fine.
With Filebeat, on another Ubuntu I installed Filebeat and this is can't connect to Elastic: "Connection refused". There are many posts on the internet, any old. I tried, but then Elastic won't (re)start.
It's all internal network.

Thanks for help!


That's the way to go.
Hopefully, when elasticsearch does not start it gives you some logs.
A wild guess is that you are hitting a bootstrap check issue. In which case please read

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick answer! With that option elastic is starting.
Some steps further now. An error ocucuring in the next steps I will investigate first like with: filebeat setup -e, error in Kibana. Will try first myself.
Thanks a lot!


Hi David,
Filebeat is running now and a lot of syslog events (from my syslog server) are coming in. Compared to splunk, the same amount so that's running fine. Thanks!
Something is still wrong with 'filebeat set -e'. I think somewhere in the install scripts/config files there are some http:/localhost:9200 left


sorry, localhost:5601, so Kibana

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