Filebeat to elasticsearch using ingest pipeline

Dear Team,

need a advise we are ingesting data from filebeat to ES using the ingest pipeline in ES
I have created an ingest pipeline and also created an index template in that defined the ingest pipeline

"PUT _ingest/pipeline/beat_test
"description": "THN Test",
"processors": [{
"json": {
"field": "message",
"add_to_root": false,
"target_field": "fields",
"ignore_failure" : true

PUT _component_template/logs-my_app-settings
"template": {
"settings": {
"index.default_pipeline": "beat_test"

PUT _index_template/logs-my_app-template
"index_patterns": ["logs_json"],
"composed_of": ["logs-my_app-settings"]

and the output of my filebeat is

hosts: ["https://ESIP:PORT"]
username: "test_data"
password: "*****"
pipeline: "beat_test"

Still not getting data in the ES defined index

a help would be highly appreicated


@Badger any idea for this

Please don't ping people that aren't already taking part in your topic.

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What does this mean? Where does the data go?


thankyou for the response
my data is going in the default filebeat index this is the main concern

even after definig the index.

though figured out a different way
i have set the _index field to the index name.

Warm Regards


did you solve it ?

Yes, I solved it.
I created an ingestpipeline config

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