Filebeat to read Log files from sFTP?

I have some *.log files located at a server I can access via sFTP. So far, I am bringing them to my Elastic machine manually but I'd like to automatise the process.
Is there a way to set Filebeat to rretrieve al the files from a folder located in a sFTP server?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hello @ratman,

Filebeat doesn't support connecting to remote servers,

We support local logs, TCP/UDP or connection from a syslog server, depending on your infra sFTP might be an OK solution you might also want to look at rsync via ssh.

Thanks for the answer @pierhugues , since my purpose is to send the data to a Elasticsearch hosted on Elastic Cloud, I guess the easiest will be to use a script to fetch the logs from the original server and then move them to my virtual machine to send them via Filebeat - Logstash to the EC.
But I'll check on the rsync! Thanks again

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