Filebeat to redis using multiple keys for different document types

Hi all,

I am using filebeat to ship logs from a centralized log server. In the prospectors section, I defined multiple files, each with its own type, for example:


 document_type: manager.log

 document_type: worker.log

in the output part, I defined a redis server. I leave the default index "filebeat". This can be configurable but my issue is it's global for all types, so I end up having redis with a single key storing all documents. This is an issue if I want to replay just a single type of log into the system while it's working (hot) because I don't have a proper way of removing only the keys for that log type.

Best case scenario - can I define dynamically a key by document type?
A good solution as well - can I define explicitly a key per type? or path? or something else?


This is currently not supported by redis output. Feel free to fill a feature request.

Event routing in general is up to logstash.