How to define multiple indexes for different logs in Filebeat and Logstash?

Hi, I have configured a log server, i.e. Filebeat -> Logstash -> Elasticsearch -> Kibana. I am wondering how to create separated indexes for different logs (fetched using Filebeat) in logstash (which were later passed onto elasticsearch), so that in kibana, I can define two indexes for them and discover them.

In my case, I have a few client servers (each of which is installed with filebeat) and a centralized log server (ELK). Each client server has different kinds of logs, e.g. redis.log, python logs, mongodb logs, that I like to sort them into different indexes and stored in elasticsearch.

Each client server also serves different purposes, e.g. databases, UIs, applications. Hence I also like to give them different names to indicate the sources of the indexes (by changing output index in filebeat.yml?). So redis.log fetched from a production server will have an index name like prod.redis.


Take a look at, it's exactly what you want to do.

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