Filebeat to send logs to Logstash and ES

Hello everyone,

So i have filebeat configured in an apache server AWS EC2 instance and another EC2 instance which has logstash and elasticsearch. i can send log files to the ec2 instance to logstash but i can only display them on the console. How can i forward those files to elasticsearch and actually be able to see them or go through them i can't figure it out. Because i also have kibana setup and i need to view all the logs from the apache server and also a bunch of other servers as well.

Any help or guidance is GREATLY APPRECIATED!


This shouldn't be hard, in your Logstash configuration just add an ES output. The index name will be the field you specify in Filebeat's fields/index.

output {
  elasticsearch {
    hosts => [
      "" ]
    index => "%{[index]}"


ok after i do that how can i know for sure that logstash and es recieved the files?

wait just to double check, what do u mean by the index/fields in filebeat? like in my filebeat output config it just goes to logstash server on port 5044 i didnt specify any fields


Optional fields that you can specify to add additional information to the output.

  index: myindexname

ok but where is myindexname configured? is it done at filebeat first or what exactly because honestly im very confused and i can't find any decent tutorials or guides on this thank you for your help!