Filebeat to send to Multiple Logstash Sever

(Satyajit Roy Choudhury) #1

I am trying to send logs using filebeats to multiple logstash server. Same logs in 2 different logstash server.

                   |----> logstash01
  Filebeat ---->   |
                   |----> logsstash02

Is it something possible? I know that we can use host which takes multiple host address as input but the data shipping will be random.

I need exact data to be shipped on both the logstash nodes.

(Carlos PĂ©rez Aradros) #2

I'm afraid Beats only support a single configured output. You may want to use the Kafka one to ingest your payloads into several Logstashs, using its Kafka input

(system) #3

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