Send logs to 2 logstash servers simultaneously

My requirement is to configure filebeat output as two logstash servers and I need to send logs to defined 2 servers simultaneously. It is not load balance scenario. Both logstash servers should received same data.

I do following configuration. But it doesn't gave me the expected output. Only single logstash server received the log

   hosts: ["", ""]

Hi @tharu85, do you want to achieve this scenario by only running one instance of filebeat on your log server or multiple instances of filebeat is ok for you?

Using single filebeat agent in a server.

Hi @tharu85,

Filebeat is implemented in such a way that, when user configures multiple logstash server as output in "hosts" section and load balancing is not configured then, it takes any one mentioned host randomly and send the data to that server only. If one of the mentioned server is not reachable then it takes any one server from other mentioned host as well.

For detail available Logstash output configuration parameters you can refer
Logstash Output configuration

Hi @Debashis,

My requirement is not load balancing.

I need to send same log to 2 different destination at same time.

How can I meet my requirement by configuring filebeat ?

Hello @tharu85

Filebeat does not support to send same data to multiple logstash server simultaneously . To achieve this you have to start multiple instances of Filebeat with different logstash server configuration. This is the limitation of Filebeat output plugin

To start multiple instances of filebeat in same host, you can refer the below link

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