[FileBeat] Unable to get X-Pack Monitoring to work

Hi All,

I'm running into an issue getting X-Pack Monitoring to work with file beat. The setup we have is as follows:

  • Elasticsearch Nodes have security enabled (using self signed certificates via elasticsearch-certutil)
  • File Beat is running on a windows 10 PC
  • Machine running file beat is behind a proxy server (WinGate)
  • File Beat version is 6.8.10 (64 bit)

The following is the X-Pack Monitoring config portion of our File Beat config:

    #============================== Xpack Monitoring =====================================
    xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
      hosts: ["https://ca-yvr-app5:9200", "https://ca-yvr-app10:9200", "https://ca-yvr-app12:9200", "https://ca-yvr-app17:9200"]
      username: "beats_system"
      password: "password"
      ssl.enabled: true
      ssl.verification_mode: none

With the above config, it seems like there is an issue connecting to X-Pack Monitoring due to the ssl.verification_mode: none not being applied as the Wire Shark Trace seems to indicate that Handshake failed due to a bad certificate.

However, if we set the "proxy_url" to use https instead the File Beat logs seem to indicate the ssl.verification_mode: none setting is applied, but with the call not being routed correctly through to the proxy as https is not supported.

Is there anyway to get around this issue? or is it simply just a configuration error on my end?


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