Filebeat update and resending of logs

Hi all,

just wanted to ask, if you think that scenario feasable. and more interesting would be, how :slight_smile:

I have an ansible project which installs/update filebeat on target machine. Due to the non-generic setup there I can´t use the ansible role, which is available for doing just that. I made my own playbook and I want to make it work like that (in short)

  • If it isn´t installed, install it
  • if it is installed
    • remove the existing installation (rm -rf :slight_smile: )
    • install it from scratch
    • set an option (that´d my question) to set the offset of all files in input to the end of the file to prevent the new installation to resend everything (the time gap which would occure is no problem)

My question is, if this is with standard features possible ? (e.g ignore_older)

If so, can someone tell me how ?

Thanks guys and Greetings,


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