Script for install and configure file beat on Linux

I have several servers those need to be installed with file beat .is there any shell /Ansible/some other way to install file beat on all Linux servers at once instead of manual intervention?


Hi @sk545. There isn't an Elastic-sanctioned way to do this at present, but if memory serves there are some unofficial Ansible Galaxy roles that can handle what you're looking for.

can you please provide any related docs/web link if possible ?

Hi @sk545, we do actually have an official Ansible role for beats:

Here is a quick example of Ansible playbook to use it:

- hosts: localhost
    - { role: "ansible-beats",
         beat: "filebeat",
         beat_conf: {
             "filebeat": {"inputs":[{"paths":["/var/log/*.log"],"type":"log"}]} 

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