Filebeat with custom module at kubernetes

I'm running filebeat with custom module on Linux nodes,
and want to run it at self-hosted kubernetes cluster,
is it possible?

Thank you

It is possible if the custom module is in the same folder as the ones shipped with Filebeat (/usr/share/filebeat/module and a config under /etc/filebeat/modules.d), have the same directory structure and generated a fields.yml and fields assets to be loaded.

Hi, Noémi, thank you for the answer

maybe i should build custom filebeat docker image,
based on standard, just add my module files in Dockerfile?

What's the version of your Filebeat?


What do you mean by "standard"? The images provided by Elastic?

You could build your own image and use you own module as long as the files I mentioned above are under the correct folder. Please, ignore the part about field assets. Those are not part of 6.3 release.

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