Filebeat.yml drop event not working

I have add these in filebeat.yml, (version is 7.9)
I try every kinds of these keywords , but i still receive the = "kibana" event.
why ?
Please kindly help

Drop event

- drop_event:
- equals: "filebeat"
- equals: "kibana"
- equals: "^kibana.*"
- equals: kibana
- equals: "kibana"

yml files are sensitive about tabs and spaces.
so could you format your code using ``` ? something like :

  - equals:
      http.response.code: 304
  - equals:
      http.response.code: 404

thanks for your reply,
if i don't want to receive all kibana or filebeat messages, how should i do that ?
the filebeat and kibana just the tools, i think, i do not need their log.

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