Filebeat6.0.0 Registry problem

(Owl) #1

I hava a problem that the filebeat can't scan the document again.
firstly,there's 2 document path named /data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/in/ .txt and /data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/out/.txt ,when i start filebeat for the first time,it can run and transfer to logstash successfully and logstash transfer to elasticsearch successfully too.

secondly,i delete the index 'in' (/data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/in/.txt ) and index 'out'(/data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/out/.txt ) in elasticsearch,try to restart filebeat to transfer again,find that filebeat can't scan the document again.

thirdly,i delete the document {path}/data/registry and restart,the result is filebeat can scan the /data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/out/.txt again but not /data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/in/.txt .

And the document Registry still hava" /data/EDI/manifest/EKONEK/in/*.txt " 's message,what is the problem? pls help me .

(Noémi Ványi) #2

Could you please share your configuration formatted using </>? Also, the output of ./filebeat -e -d "*" after deleting the registry file and the registry file after the input was read?

(Owl) #3

The problem is I can't find the data of index "afsa2-ekonek-in-dev" in elasticsearch

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