My filebeat registry file has no data "is empty"

(mahmoud samy ) #1

Hi all,

i have a problem with my filebeat , the registry file is empty and still empty so nothing to monitor
what should i have to do to fix this issue ?


(ruflin) #2

Can you share your filebeat config file, filebeat version and the filebeat logs?

(mahmoud samy ) #3

@ruflin thanks a lot for your reply , i want to update that all is working fine now but not data visualized displayed into kibana although elasticsearch has indices for logstash , kibana and metricbeat

what should i do or what should i need to check ??

(ruflin) #4

You write all is fine but you didn't mention a filebeat index?

(mahmoud samy ) #5

Thanks @ruflin
i have multiple filebeats "remote filebeats into different machines" how to add a filebeat index ??

(ruflin) #6

As soon as you start Filebeat on any machine and point it to your cluster, the index should be created automatically.

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