Filebeat6.5.1 also has memory leaks?

Hi filebeat experts,

We still have the memory leak problem on filbeat 6.5.1. Can anyone help us to resolved it or give us some suggestions?

We once used filebeat 6.0 in our production environment but found that there was a memory leak problem. Then we upgraded it to version 6.5.1, in which the memory leak problem is said to be fixed according the filebeat community. Sadly our pressure test on version 6.5.1 is not satisfied and this memory leak problem seems not perfectly fixed. Below are the steps how we run our tests:

1)Every 10 seconds, a log file with 1.6M is generated on two nodes separately, one is deployed with filebeat 6.0, another is deployed with filebeat 6.5.1

  1. We only keep the latest 200 log files on a node and clear the files generated early to free some disk space.

  2. After running for a whole day, both filebeat 6.5.1 and filebeat 6.0 consume some memories. And filebeat 6.5.1 consumes more that filebeat 6.0 does.

We highly suspect that this memory leak problem has something to so with the logs that are cleared in the step 2. Seems that some filebeat harvesters are created to gather the logs that are unluckily cleared before they are harvested. Those harvesters with no logs to harvest throw exceptions and cause the memory leak problem.

Would anyone could help us to look into this issue?

Thanks in advance.
filebeat6.5.1 yml:


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