Filebeats Client Configuration

I am completely new to the world of ElasticSearch, Kibana and Beats so please forgive the basic questions.

I have managed to get ElasticSearch, Kibana and all required Beats set up and running with the exception of FileBeat.

Can somebody out there tell me if anything other than the filebeat.yml requires configuration on a remote client, or do I also need to enable and configured the different options in the modules.d that suit the local logging information I am after. I have configured what I need on the ElasticSearch server with some degree of success just need to know if the configuration is also required on each and every client machine from which I am looking to pull logs in from.

Many thanks in advance.


You need to configure some sources in the filebeat.inputs, or use modules. Modules use and configure input, but also setup ingest node pipelines for parsing.
You need to setup/configure required inputs/modules per host.

Thanks Steffens that answers my question perfectly.

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