FIlesearch using fscrawler

Hi all, this is with ref. to this now closed thread.

in a nutshell, I am trying to build a filesearch solution using fscrawler but faced a problem of explosion of meta.* fields.

First the good news, simply putting raw_metadata to 'false' in _settings json, takes care of the metadata issue.

However, I am trying to restrict the indexing to specific filetypes, something like

"includes" : [ "*.txt" ],
"includes" : [ "*.doc" ],
"includes" : [ "*.docx" ],
"includes" : [ "* .pdf" ],
"includes" : [ "*.rtf" ],

I find that the index only has files of the last file.extension (in this case *.rtf). I tried this multiple times with same result. is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ?

edit : hmm, the forum SW has removed all the ["*.filetype"] except the last one, I wonder why.

Could you try something like:

"includes" : [ "*.txt", "*.doc", "*.docx", "*.pdf", "*.rtf" ]

didn't work. fsxrawler didn't run after throwing a java exception.

something like :
"... unexpected character ," at line... etc"

(sorry, I am on a different PC right now. and can't access a copy of the error msg)


Could you try then:

"includes" : [ "*.txt,*.doc,*.docx,*.pdf,*.rtf" ]

it runs but no files are indexed, only folder locations.

I think this looks for a file with the entire string inside " ".

Could you open an issue?

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