Filter a specific text from a file

I have a html file and i need to ingest only a specific line from that file to elasticsearch through logstash. Is there a way to do it?

How do i filter only a line?

Hi @mancharagopan,

In your question you mention using Logstash but you've also filed this topic under Beats > Filebeat. The two tools are alternatives for your use case and, without knowing too many specifics about you data and test condition at this point, you could most likely use either tool.

It would he helpful if you could provide some sample input and the test condition to match the "specific line" you're referring to. That might let us provide more concrete guidance.



I have done this using drop event processors. Thanks.

I know it is not related to this discussion but is there any way to download dynamic web page with search results to ingest?

Do you mind creating a new topic for this? It makes it easier for others in the community who are searching for similar questions later. Also, please include any details / specifics that you can in your post. Thanks!

Yeah Sure!

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