Filter and tokenizer not working

Hello dudes
recently I work for a task to use Elasticsearch with node.js and mongoose
then I used Mongoosastic to be easier to link them together so
I create a schema and add an analyzer called "edge_nGram_analyzer" as shown below

then add settings to my analyzer as shown below

My problem that Elasticsearch work but filter and tokenizer not working and I don't know why can't work

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var mongoose = require("mongoose");
    var mongoosastic = require("mongoosastic");
    mongoose.Promise = global.Promise;

var connectionString = "mongodb://";

var bookSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  author: { type: String, es_type: "text", es_indexed: true },
  title: { type: String, es_type: "text", es_indexed: true },
  description: { type: String, es_type: "text", es_indexed: true },
  creation: { type: String, es_type: "text", es_indexed: false },
  content: {
type: String,
es_type: "text",
es_indexed: true,
analyzer: "edge_nGram_analyzer"

bookSchema.plugin(mongoosastic, {
  hosts: ["localhost:9200", "anotherhost:9200"]

var Book = mongoose.model("Books-Collection", bookSchema);

settings: {
  analysis: {
    analyzer: {
      edge_nGram_analyzer: {
        type: "custom",
        tokenizer: "edge_ngram_tokenizer",
        filter: ["lowercase", "edgeNGram_filter"]
    filter: {
      edgeNGram_filter: {
        type: "edge_ngram",
        min_gram: 3,
        max_gram: 20
    tokenizer: {
      edge_ngram_tokenizer: {
        type: "edge_ngram",
        min_gram: 3,
        max_gram: 50,
        token_chars: ["letter"]
    mappings: {
      _doc: {
        properties: {
          title: {
            type: "text",
            analyzer: "edge_nGram_analyzer",
            search_analyzer: "edge_nGram_analyzer"
  function(err, mapping) {
if (err) throw err;
else console.log("Mapping created", " go for http://localhost:3000/");

@warkolm @dadoonet @Christian_Dahlqvist can you help here

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okay @Christian_Dahlqvist but why volunteers work for some people and not another people

Being a volunteer means I have no obligation to help anyone. I choose when I want to contribute and which issues I want to help with.

I am not sure how many people that have experience with mongoosastic, but I do not. It would therefore help if you could show the resulting mappings using the get mapping API together with a few sample documents. If you can show in detail exactly what is not working, e.g. by showing a query and the corresponding response, that would help too.

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