Filter by histogram bucket key

Hello, everyone!


ElasticSearch 5.4

I have 2 types of document: Contact, and Message. Both with a created_on field.
Message's parent is Contact.


I'm trying to make a date histogram with 2 values nested in each bucket: total of active users, and how many of them are returning users.

  • An active user would be a user with a message in the interval.
  • A returning user would be a user with a message in the interval, and a message before the interval.


I'd like to add a filter bucket to each of the histogram buckets, but that filter would need to access the interval's key (the date).

I can't seem to get this right. I've tried using scripts, but I can't access the key.

I've also tried to do the intervals manually, but it doesn't seem to be a very elegant an efficient solution.


Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

You should be able to solve this problem with Filter Aggregation

Thanks for the suggestion @thiago, but how would you reference the bucket key inside the nested filter aggregation? That's the key piece we're missing.


You don't apply the filter on the key of the buckets, instead you would apply a range filter aggregation (nested inside a date histogram) on the timestamp field itself and the resulting date histogram will include only the relevant dates.

Thanks for your response!

However, I still don't understand how to do this. I can nest a range filter aggregation inside the date histogram, yes, but how can I get the values of each histogram bucket start time?

Maybe an example can help. This is a query for Contact. Inside returning, I'd like to filter the contacts in each interval that have a message before the interval.

How could I fill lte to reference the interval start?

'aggs': {
    'by_interval': {
        'date_histogram': {
            'time_zone': 'UTC',
            'field': 'created_on',
            'interval': 'day',
            'min_doc_count': 0,
            'extended_bounds': {
                'min': 1505858400,
                'max': 1506410687
        'aggs': {
            'returning': {
                'filter': {
                    'has_child': {
                        'query': {
                            'range': {
                                'created_on': {
                                    'lte': ???
                        'type': 'message'

Thank you very much for your time!

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