Filter cache and field data caches

Hi All,

We observe the relatively high heap usage : 70-75% per node. Our heap size
is 32G. Each node has 2 shards (one primary , one replica). Each shard size
is approximately 43G
The size of the field data cache is ~22G and there are zero evictions from
this cache
The size of the filter cache is ~28G and there are many evictions
Is it normal having such large cache sizes? We think it affects our queries
performance. On an empty cache a query latency is 2-3 minutes for the first
run. Second run takes 10 seconds (and after some time again 2 min)
Does it those 2-3 min take to Elastic to rebuild/refresh the caches? Why
it's so long?
Please help us to understand how Elastic creates filter cache and field
data cache. When does Elastic create these caches and how does it affect
the queries performance?

Thank you in advance,

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