Filter current dashboard with URL formatter

I'm trying to use the index pattern string URL formatter to turn list items in data tables into clickable links that will filter the current page.

It works more or less as expected from TSVB, but in mainline Kibana it seems that index-pattern level URLs must start with https?://

This works in TSVB:


Obviously it clobbers any existing filters, but I can live with that.

Any way to get a similar thing happening outside TSVB? Is this more of a github conversation? I had a look through the code myself, but grep -r http is pretty pointless :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, having relative URLs via the formatter should work fine and I don't have problems in a local instance. Could you elaborate what exactly you doing and what error you are seeing and on which Kibana version?

One thing I notice from your example is that the placeholder has to be {{value}} in the field formatters, not {{key}}.

Regular data tables also have a related feature already built in that might be enough for your use case - if you hover over a cell in a data table, the "+" and "-" icons add filter for the given value:

True, and TSVB (where the example works) requires {{key}} rather than {{value}}

I see identical behaviour in Kibana 6.6.1, 7.1.1 and 7.4.0

When you say you don't have a problem in a local instance, have you taken it through to actually clicking the link?

To reproduce what I'm seeing:

  1. Select URL from the string formatters drop down
  2. Enter something in the Label field like MyLabel for {{value}}
  3. Type a relative URL into the Link formatter - including {{value}} makes no difference, but you might as well do it
  4. Note that the Output section of the Samples table a) does not contain clickable links and b) uses the Link format rather than the Label format
  5. Prepend the relative link with http:// on character at a time, observing the Sample output column
  6. Note that when the final / character is entered, entries in the output column a) become links and b) start rendering the Label instead of the Link

Ah, you are right, I only tested in Discover and it looks like relative URLs work fine there - my bad, sorry. There is a bug with this in visualizations which is tracked here: - a fix should be released with the upcoming versions 7.4.1 and 7.5.0

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