Filter data based on script result


The script shown in the "JSON Input" field below computes bandwidth utilization in percent of the interface's nominal bandwidth:

I'd like to display only those interfaces where the computed result of that script is >80. How can this be done?

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PS: I am aware that my question is related to the unanswered question Show only the average values that are more than 80%.

Hi @dknecht,
Thanks for taking the time to post here in the forum.
If I understood your problem well and what you want to achieve, you may want to create this script as a separate scripted field. You can perform the same metric aggregation so you get the chart and then you can run a quick search on it from the search bar such as newly_scripted_field > 80.

Here is some info on scripted fields:

Let me know if that would work.

Hi Elvis

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I don't get it running.

Based on the Kibana documentation (see below) I get the impression that it might not work at all:

"Scripted field values are computed at query time so they aren’t indexed and cannot be searched using Kibana’s default query language." (see:

Is there anything I am misunderstanding?

This is how far I got trying to implement your suggestion (using Kibana 4.5.1):

script.inline: true
script.indexed: true

Define the scripted field:

Test the scripted field:

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Wow, that's a pretty old version of Kibana. I think it's 4.x? I'm not sure if this has changed since then, but on current versions of the stack I can query or filter on a number type scripted field.

As @LeeDr points out, I am using 7.5.0 with KQL and it works fine querying the scripted field as I did. Your old version of Kibana doesn't have this capability I believe.

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