Filter data from 6PM today and for 24 hours

I would like to filter a visualisation to show the data from 6 PM every day until 6 PM the next day.
That is because I have a process which starts daily at 6 PM every day.
How is that possible? If at all?
Now it is 5 PM - Show the data from yesterday at 6 PM until now (23 hours)
Now is 8 PM - Show the data from today at 6 PM and until now (2 hours)

click on show dates which is next to time field.... Select the absolute timing and mention the timing which u want


Thanks for the answer.
If I choose now, yesterday at 6 PM. Will it get updated tomorrow?
i.e. tomorrow it will show from today at 6 PM?

in kibana by default it shows u last 15 minutes u have to select the other time filters when you need... It wont get updated automatically u have to select it when u want.

I need automatically updates.
I want to filter the data from 6 PM until now.
So the intervals are going to change all day long. from 0 last hours up to 24 last hours.
At 6 PM I would like to restart the filter and show 0 last hours.

So I really am looking for a dynamic filter that will change constantly.

So I encountered the date math knowledge article and got this idea, will it work?!
How should be implemented?

Pseudo code:
if(now < 6 PM)
Filter = Time-Stamp >= now-1d/d+18h AND Time-Stamp < now
if(now > 6 PM)
Filter = Time-Stamp >= now/d+18h AND Time-Stamp < now


We have done this thru elastic API when u create ur own customised dashboard in other languages... but i m not pretty sure in kibana

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