Filter data in Maps view with max field value


In one of our Maps visualisation we want to show the data of the latest available measurement day. We would like to filter this data dynamically using a function similar to the Scaling option "Show top hits per entity." We want to show only the data of the latest available (max Year Day in this case) measurement day. Is this somehow possible? Thanks in advance!

Hi, @MAvD can you explain with some sample data why theTop hits per entity layer type does not work to you in your case?


Maybe the following images can explain it better. This screenshot shows all data without the Top hits per entity filter, the doc count is limited to 10000 but shows all data in the currently selected global time filter:

This screenshots shows the data with a Top hits per entity filter:

As you can see, the Top hits per entity cuts out some data because each datapoint has its own location coordinates and has no other possible field to apply this filter on. This maybe could work on the "Plot Name" field but the max count of 100 docs is way to low for our purpose.

I actually want to show only the data where the "Year Day" field is equal to the maximum "Year Day" of the docs in the current view of the maps visualisation. Is there an option to query this latest available Year Day dynamically with some kind of max aggregation in the filter query?

Thanks for the screenshots and the extended explanation. Unfortunately, there's no such option in Elastic Maps nowadays. Both layer and global search bars don't accept any dynamic filtering, as far as I know.

It would be great if you could open a feature request in the Kibana repository with these details. Should that dynamic filter to be updated on each view change?

Thanks for your reply! In that case we can instruct our dashboard users to filter the latest available Year Day themselves.

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