Filter facet values on another field


We store in arrays values with related flags. The following example stores
if a book is available in a specific format (we need this format for the
none ElasticSearch-part of our application):

"formats" : [
{ "name" : "paperback" , "available" : true },
{ "name" : "hardcover" , "available" : false }

We want to create facets for "available formats" (would contain
"paperback") and "unavailable formats" (would contain "hardcover"), i.e. if
a "name" is included as a facet value depends on the field "available".

What's the best way to achieve this with ElasticSearch? Can we create a
mapping which tells the indexer to add only "name" values into a field
"available_formats" if the related "available" value is true? Or would we
have to do this separation already before the data is send to ElasticSearch?

Many thanks!


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