Filter file.path

Hi, I would like to filter the logs by the path /server/www/html/ and I have no idea how to do it if anyone can help.

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The simplest way to do this is to mouseover a document with the value you want to filter on, there will appear a small circle with '+' inside it and click it to add it to the filter list that will be applied to your current view.

Alternatively, you could filter manually by typing the following into the 'Search' bar:

log.file.path: "/server/www/html/"
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Hmm I dont think he can filter on log.file.path as it has a question mark in the screenshot. So I think he needs to choose a different index pattern, as using * is asking for trouble imho. Then he should add a keyword mapping to the field in his template and then he will be able to use the +..

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