Filter for value Button in Discovery

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I have a question about the layout. Is there a way to set the position of the "filter for value" button.

Because we upgraded from 7.8.1 to 7.11.1 and now the filtering is quite difficult.

We have experienced that on a big screen sometimes you switch the rows by moving the mouse to the corner. I know it is not a big issue, but I think it is more convenient to have these buttons on the left side near the fields. Or is there another way I have not found yet?

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Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I did some digging - it looks like in 8.0 it moves back to the left with a new table implementation. I'll forward this and see if there's anyone that can respond on the design side for the short term.

If you're looking for a possible workaround - using the filter builder on the top left of the screen may be an option. More clicks unfortunately, but may be easier to use.

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Thank you for answer.

I have seen the theme version 8 beta in advanced settings does not have it. Is it more like the looking of text and colours without the "feature" of the buttons?

But ok, I have to wait until verion 8. So thanks for your answer.

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I also noticed this change. It seems like a small thing but when you are sitting and debugging things in production it is quite a big deal to move to the far right of the screen. Context is completely lost then.

We are actually waiting with upgrade because of this. It would be great if it could be moved back prior to 8.0 because there are quite a few things released in 7.11 that I am eager to start using :slightly_smiling_face:

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