Filter inside DropDown visualization


I have a question about filters inside the controls visualization (option list or DropDown) when I choose my field I have for example 100 elements in this list but when I add a filter like in this picture

the dropdown don't take of case this filter and show me all stored result. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

This is a know issue and currently, filters do not effect the options list. Please comment on the issue to define your use case.

In 6.4, an option was added to input controls to fetch new selection values from the server in response to users typing in the select. This should help mitigate the problem since now users can filter the selection as the type.

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Yes I used controls panel but it's not necessary interesting in my case because I would like to hide the filter and not put it inside a list.
I will add a comment :slight_smile:

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