Filter logstash - Add simple field


I'm trying to assign a value to a field. This one is the same than another variable.

Here is my filter :


      if !([fields][hostgroup]) {
        mutate {
          update => { "[fields][hostgroup]" => "default" }

      mutate {
        add_field => { "[@metadata][indexName]" => "%{[fields][hostgroup]}" }

I use [@metadata][indexName] to create an index use a specific index into my output :

    index => "syslog_%{[@metadata][indexName]}"

The problem is my final index name is equal at : syslog_%{[fields][hostgroup]}

Can you help me to find my mistake ?

Best regards,


I tests this config also :

    if [type] != "forti_log" and [type] != "syslog" and [type] != ""{
        mutate {
          update => { "[@metadata][indexName]" => "${[type]}" }

But same result :confused: :


On other forum they said that you can assign an object to another object like this but it doesn't work. What is the good syntax ?

Look in the syslog_%{[fields][hostgroup]} index and see what value the [fields][hostgroup] field has.

I finally found my mistake. I had to use mutate copy instead of "add_field" or "update". But thanks @Badger for your answer.

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