Filter on array entries?

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Hey Guys,

I have some articles that are associated with groups, and I want to select
all articles that have a certain group id associated, but elasticsearch
isn't returning the results in a query. I've tried a number of different
approaches and I hope someone here can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Here's the relevant part of the mapping (in standard elasticsearch-rails

has_many :groups

mapping do
indexes :group_ids # this is just an array of ids

def as_indexed_json(options={})
as_json(methods: [

Here's are some filter queries that fail to select the articles associated
with a certain group:
filter: { term: { 'group_ids' => '8c7664ac-9f0a-41b1-824b-d6a23170bb3e' }
query: {
filtered: {
query: { match_all: {} },
filter: { term: { 'group_ids' =>
'8c7664ac-9f0a-41b1-824b-d6a23170bb3e' } }

And here's a query that does select them:
query: {
match: { 'group_ids' => '8c7664ac-9f0a-41b1-824b-d6a23170bb3e' }

Can someone tell me why this is failing? I'm running against elasticsearch
1.2.1 and elasticsearch-rails 0.1.4.

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