Filter_path support in Java Client

We would like to reduce the response size of search requests by removing stuff we don't need (eg: index name since we are pointing to a single index or score). Elastic supports this through filter_path.

Both RHLC and EJC don't support this option. To achieve that, we are currently using the low-level rest client. Is there any plan to support this option in the new Elasticsearch Java Client?


Please see Unable to set query parameters (like `filter_path`) in search requests · Issue #203 · elastic/elasticsearch-java · GitHub to see how to set filter_path.

We have deliberately chosen to not expose it as a general feature as it can remove fields that are considered as required in the API specification. In the case of search however it is indeed useful to reduce the size of large responses and we'll add it as a property of SearchRequest in a future revision.


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