Filter query syntax

How to create a filter query for X-Axis aggregation
I know we are supposed to use ES-json syntax. But an example would help
if I have a field called "month" and value "jan"
how do I create a bucket for { "month" : "jan" } ?

You can use the Lucene query syntax (i.e. month: "jan").

It looks like specifying Elasticsearch query DSL is currently broken and I've filed an issue:

Broken in 6.3? I am using slightly older one 6.2.3!

I tried the suggested syntax. Here is what I get in the saved query? Is this because its broken?

"schema": "segment",
      "params": {
        "filters": [
            "input": {
              "query": "month : \"jan\""
            "label": ""
            "input": {
              "query": "month: \"feb\""

No, that looks correct, are you seeing the correct results in the visualization?

No result in visualization.

Could you take a screenshot that includes the visualization as well as the config for it?

Here it is - the last column is from blank filter


Hmm, could you try it without spaces? e.g. month:"jan"

no lock with space removed too...

Could you show me the JSON from one of the documents?

It worked!
The vales of month were differently coded.

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