Filter span documents with


I want to create a visualization which provides span details for a given transaction name(as filter). I am not able to achieve this because is not present in span document.
Since is part of span document, it makes sense to also have there. Is it possible to add this field in span documents?



That functionality is provided in the dedicated APM UI, have you found it?
If so, is there any why that doesn't work for you?


Thanks Juan for the response. I know about that functionality in the dedicated APM UI. But there are some visualizations which are not present in that dashboard. Couple of visualizations which I need:

  1. Show top latency database calls for the selected transaction.
  2. Show top latency external calls for the selected transaction.
    Above both options can be achieved for a transaction id but can't be done for a transaction. Is there any visualization mentioned above being build for the dedicated APM dashboard?


Sorry for the late answer. The problem is that the can be changed after some spans are already sent to APM Server. That's why we can't include the in spans.

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