FilterContainer in Elasticsearch NEST 5.0

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I am working on Elasticsearch migration from 1.7.1 to 5.0.
I fixed most of the issues in the code after upgrading to 5.0 but I couldn't figure out how to change FilterContainer to work in new version.

Below is my code

 public static List<**FilterContainer**> GetPriceRangeFilters(SearchListCriteria criteria, out List<**FilterContainer**> additionalpricefilters)
            var pricefilters = new List<**FilterContainer**>();
            additionalpricefilters = new List<**FilterContainer**>();
            if (criteria.SearchGlobalSettings.MinimumPriceRange != null && criteria.SearchGlobalSettings.MinimumPriceRange.Length > 0)
                const string fieldName = "itemPrices.webPrice";
                pricefilters.Add((new **FilterDescriptor**<ItemSearchEntry>()).Query(a => a.Range(n => n.OnField(fieldName).GreaterOrEquals(criteria.SearchGlobalSettings.MinimumPriceRange[0].ToString()).
                for (var i = 1; i < criteria.SearchGlobalSettings.MinimumPriceRange.Length; i++)
                    additionalpricefilters.Add((new **FilterDescriptor**<ItemSearchEntry>()).Query(a => a.Range(n => n.OnField(fieldName).
            return pricefilters;

(Russ Cam) #2

FilterContainer no longer exists in NEST 2.0 onwards, because filters and queries merged in Elasticsearch into queries, with a query or filter context.

Where you would have used FilterContainer, use QueryContainer and then when adding to the search, pass the collection of FilterContainer into a bool query filter clause.

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I was able to convert filter containers to Query containers. Still working on indexing issues. Thanks for your help.

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