Filtered Alias not working on Inner Hits


I have a multitenant architecture where there is a large set of "master" data between each tenant, then smaller pieces of tenant-specific data.

To query only for a specific tenant, I have a filtered alias where I'm filtering out child documents based on a field only found in child documents. The filter includes all "parent" documents and only the relevant "child" documents for that alias.

When I run a query for child documents on the alias, the results are correctly filtered. When I query for a parent document, and then use "inner_hits", all child documents are returned, not just the ones visible to that alias. Thus, "inner_hits" results are breaking out of the alias filter.

Question #1: Why doesn't this work?

If the answer is "alias filters don't apply to inner-hits", the only other options I see to secure this properly is:

  • Document-level permissions for a role per-tenant
    • Unfortunately, this means disabling the query cache, which is a non-starter as I have an aggregation-heavy workload that needs caching to be usable.
  • An index per-tenant
    • If each index has the "master" data, it would be a massive duplication that I want to avoid at any cost.
    • If each index is separate from the "master" index, I would need to do all joins on the application side.

Question #2: Can someone help here? If the filtered alias doesn't work on the "inner_hits", there is no scalable way to do this without either

  • Re-writing every query to be tenant-specific
  • Resorting to doing application-side joins.
  • Duplicating all "master" data
  • Disabling caching


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