Filtered alias with a _default_ mapping?

I have an index that will end up containing a few hundred types. I'm
dynamically creating these types based on some app logic. Each one can have
a different mapping, but they have some similarities.

One of these similarities is that all the documents across all the types
can be soft-deleted. Soft deleted documents are still indexed for some
administration purposes, but I don't want them to appear in search results.
So I tried creating a filtered alias.

First the mapping sets up the deleted field mapping, using default:

"mappings": {
"default": {
"properties": {
"deleted": {
"type": "boolean"

Then, I create the alias right after creating the index, like so:

POST /_aliases
"actions": [
"add": {
"index": "myindex_v1",
"alias": "myindex",
"filter": { "term": { "deleted": false } }

But, when searching by this alias, no documents are ever matched. It's not
a problem with the search, because changing it to use the actual index name
works fine. I only get 0 results when using the index alias name. If I
recreate the alias with a remove/add alias post after I've indexed
documents into it, it starts working.

I suspected the default mapping wasn't working with the alias filter. I
though maybe it works if I recreate it after the documents are indexed
because the real type mapping was dynamically generated by that time. So
just to try it out, I hard coded my type mapping to a specific type,
instead of default, and sure enough, that works.

So, am I correct that a default mapping is not sufficient to make a
filtered alias work? Is there a better way to achieve the requirement of
always filtering out soft-deleted documents from search results without
having to tag on filter criteria to every search?


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