Filtering by Bit Array element


I have a bit array. And I want to filter based on if certain bits are ON or OFF. Looking at the Elasticsearch 2.3 docs, I don't see anything about bitarrays.

But it seems I can use an Array of Booleans or a Binary field.

Example: Let's say I have 2 documents each with a bit array field. Doc1 has 011100 and Doc2 has 00001 in that field. And I want to filter by 011000 which in this case only gives Doc1.

Any ideas how to do this in Elasticsearch?

Edit: Another idea:

If I turn the bit array into many Bool fields, then it works. The doc might look ugly but it works. Basically if the bit array is 32 bit, then I will have 32 bool fields.

Looks like you have it right, Elasticsearch doesn't have a bitarray field, and you need to break your field out.

I posted it on Stackoverflow too. I think the recommended solution there is a good one.