Filtering by Quarter, Day of Month and Week of the Year (w/ TimeZone)

Hi all,

I've got this requirement in my lap for a while, and I couldn't find how to implement it anywhere.

I need to be able to yield an aggregation where it is possible to filter by a given quarter (from 1 to 4). For example:

My_Date_Field = 1 or 3 (the first or third quarter of the year, regardless the year itself).

I'm currently doing that when the data is been ingested, by creating a column with the quarter that the given date belongs to.

The problem with that is, I can't support time zone unless I create one dimension for each region around the word.

The problem is the same for the other mentioned dimensions.

Any suggestion?

There's no real easy way to do this, we did just add the range query and perhaps there's a way to adapt that to work here somehow?

It'd be great if you could raise an issue on github to see how we might be able to improve this sort of use case :slight_smile:

Thanks @warkolm, I'll do it.

May you send the link of this new range query?

Sorry, I meant range datatype -


Unfortunately, it doesn't help.

So, the best channel to open this request is via opening a bug at git hub?

It's not a bug, but you can raise a feature request, yep! :slight_smile:

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