Filtering data in kibana with wildcard not working

Hello, I have files like below

I want to add multiple filters by exclude data with *.png *.js *.jsp etc


But it doesn't filter like expected.

Please help.


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If you want to filter based on extension, I would recommend that you parse it out into a separate filed at index time. Even if you were able to do what you want in Kibana, this type of leading wildcard query/filter is extremely inefficient and will not perform or scale well.

One of the filter is extension, other criteria may be /3dspace/* or /3dspace/common/*

How can i achieve that without parsing the HTTP Request into multiple fields.?
Because we wanted to see HTTP Requests with complete URL only, not splitting.


I suspect you will need to make sure you are filtering on a field that is mapped as keyword for this to work. Even with a trailing wildcard, which is not quite as bad as a leading wildcard, it may be slow at scale though.

It is already mapped as keyword



Which version of the stack are you using?


in the query lucene bar you can type

NOT HTTP_request : *.js AND NOT HTTP_request : *jsp AND NOT HTTP_request : *png
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Thank you very much. It worked with the lucene bar.

Is there any specific reason it is not working with "add a filter" option ?


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