Filtering Elasticsearch fields from index/store

(Ali Nazemian) #1

I was wondering what is the recommended approach to filter out some of the fields that are sent to Elasticsearch from Store and Index?

I want to filter our some fields from getting indexed in Elasticsearch. You may ask why you are sending them to Elasticsearch from the first place. Unfortunately, it is sent via another application that doesn't accept any filtering mechanism. Hence, filtering should be addressed at the time of indexing. Here is what we have done, but I am not sure what would be the consequences of these steps:

1- Disable dynamic mapping ("dynamic": "false" ) in ES templates.

2- Including only the required fields in _source and excluding the rest.

According to ES website, some of the ES functionalities will be disabled by disabling _source fields. Given I don't need the filtered fields at all, I was wondering whether the mentioned solution will break anything regarding the remaining fields or not?


(Mark Walkom) #2

What you have should be fine.

(system) #3

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