Filtering for multiple values of a single field

(Luvpreet Singh) #1

I have a status field, which can have one of the following values,


I can filter for data which have status completed. I can also see data which has ongoing.

But I want to display only the data which have status completed and ongoing at the same time.

But I don't know how to add filters for 2 values on a single field.

How can I achieve what I want ?

(Tim Sullivan) #2

What about just using an OR in the filter?

booking_status:(completed OR ongoing)


(Luvpreet Singh) #3

Yeah Cool.

But how can I use it in kibana ?

Like here I have filtered for status:completed, can I put 2 filters like this ?

I know I can edit this query, but I need a simpler way to show it to my marketing team(which have no idea about editing this query), and I need a simple way to convince them.

(Tim Sullivan) #4

You can type the filter in the bar with the "Filter ..." text.

It looks like you are using Kibana 5.x, but stay tuned for huge improvements to the query bar coming in 6.0: The new "Kuery" functionality should make it easier for the Marketing team. :wink:

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