Filtering PDF Visualations/Reports in Watcher

Hi - I have a working watcher that generates a pdf of a dashboard and emails it to me every day.

I need to add a filter to that dashboard but, when I do and I update the URL in the watcher the resulting PDF is always empty.

The same dashboard shows good data in kibana and also generates a report with good data in the manual share>PDF Reports>GeneratePDF.

I have created a simple dashboard with a single visualisation for testing.

The section of the watcher relating to the generation of the pdf looks like this:

"actions": {
"email_admin": {
  "email": {
    "profile": "standard",
    "attachments": {
      "visualisation.pdf": {
        "reporting": {
          "url": ",layout:(dimensions:(height:564,width:1343),id:preserve_layout),objectType:dashboard,relativeUrls:!(%27%2Fapp%2Fkibana%23%2Fdashboard%2F4fd94570-8e39-11e9-8c4e-63374575cd13%3F_g%3D(filters:!!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!!t,value:0),time:(from:now-7d,to:now))%26_a%3D(description:!%27!%27,filters:!!((!%27$state!%27:(store:appState),meta:(alias:!!n,disabled:!!f,index:f3e5a480-8b09-11e8-b7cd-d103d5339017,key:AgentName,negate:!!f,params:(query:b97ca0ba-a2de370c),type:phrase,value:b97ca0ba-a2de370c),query:(match:(AgentName:(query:b97ca0ba-a2de370c,type:phrase))))),fullScreenMode:!!f,options:(darkTheme:!!t,hidePanelTitles:!!f,useMargins:!!t),panels:!!((embeddableConfig:(),gridData:(h:14,i:!%2767!%27,w:48,x:0,y:0),id:!%278db147d0-bfbd-11e8-93b4-d5c07e7246b2!%27,panelIndex:!%2767!%27,type:visualization,version:!%277.1.1!%27)),query:(language:lucene,query:!%27!%27),timeRestore:!!t,title:!%27Residential%2BReport%2BV1.0!%27,viewMode:view)%27),title:%27Residential%20Report%20V1.0%27)",
          "auth": {
            "basic": {
              "username": "OBFUSCATED",
              "password": "::es_redacted::"

The filter is on a field called "AgentName" which in mapping looks like this:

"AgentName": {
    "type": "keyword"

The resulting pdf has the dashboard in it but just says no results found while the dashboard and the manually generated report both have good results.

I would appreciate some guidance on how to use filters on dashboards that are destined for watchers?

Many thanks


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