Filtering the redundant dataView column value

I am using an Elasticsearch query, trying to send an alert based on FPS_MIN,

My query & conditions,

My problem is, that I got 39 hits, I am looping the hits result in alert action message section, value will be SERVER_1 to SERVER_n

  - {{}} : {{_source.json.FPS_MIN}}

In the 39 iterations, I have the same, I don't want to show the same multiple times, Instead of that I want to show once, for each

Currently, I have only one SERVER_1, In the future we might add more,
I need to make a group by my like this,

FPS' is Dropping into 0:

- SERVER_1 : 0

@ying.mao / @pmuellr could we please get some help? Thanks!

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