Filtering/Visualising JMX fields


I am successfully able to integrate JMX plugin for logstash. Now to i am trying to Visualize the JMX data.

For this i am trying to add custom fields to the parsed jmx data.


   if [type] == "jmx" {
   if ("OperatingSystem.ProcessCpuLoad" in [metric_path] or "OperatingSystem.SystemCpuLoad" in [metric_path]) {
     ruby {
            code => "event['cpuLoad'] = event['metric_value_number'] * 100"
             add_tag => [ "cpuLoad" ]

But, In KIbana it is not displaying any such newly added field, this the date i am getting in Kibana.

@timestamp:May 30th 2016, 18:50:36.622 
host:indlin3402 path:file://SHUBHAMD01/Users/shubhamd/projects/Logstash/logstash/bin/jmx type:jmx metric_path:OperatingSystem.ProcessCpuLoad 
_index:jmx _score:

How can i change this to add new field which i have defined in the filter.

Also, is there any predefined templates to visualise JMX data on Kibana.