Finding and grouping similar documents (finding best Pizza Margherita in tows use case)

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I have an index of dishes in restaurants. Each dish is a document with name
and properties like weight and ingredients. Is there a way that ES can
group dishes with similar properties? E.g. in one restaurant a pizza is
called "Pizza Margherita" in consists of tomato pasta, tomatoes and
mozzarella cheese, in another it's called "Classical Italian Pizza" and
consists from tomato pasta, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, and in the
third restaurant it's called "Margherita Supreme" and has tomato pasta,
mozzarella, olives, garlic and basil leaves as ingredients.

I need a way to "link" this 3 pizzas into meta Margherita so users can
query by "best Margherita in town" or "cheapest Margherita close to me" (of
course each dish has a rating and geo coordinates from it's restaurant of

If it were 3 pizzas, manual matching would sole the problems but there 100
000 of various dishes with different names and ingredients.

Would appreciate any help and advice in which direction to look for the

Kind regards,


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