Finding deprecated functions

We use ELK 7.10. Start version was 7.7. A version prior to 7.7 was not installed/used.

Logfiles will be parsed by filebeat and sent over logstash to elasticsearch.

It seems that a specific call in logstash causes a message in elasticsearch's deprecation log. I assume that creating the fingerprint in logstash to identify duplicate documents causes the message "Specifying types in bulk requests is deprecated." Why does this occur? Another message is "Specifying include_type_name in get index template requests is deprecated." We do not specify this property. After hours of research I could not find any hint for a solution to avoid those "deprecated"-messages. Those messages are really annoying, because they spam the logfile which becomes bigger and bigger with useless information. The information that would be interesting is missing: function or config setting that causes the message. After all, I disabled deprecation logging in But this should only be an intermediate solution. What can I do to find the cause of those deprecation messages and create a remedy?

The bulk request message is an open issue. Not sure on the other one.

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