Finding if API of our website using ElasticSearch

Hi there,

We are knew bee to Elasticsearch and Kibana.

We are using 3rd party custom API for our App searching for query from our WordPress website.

Can any one guide how we can see those queries of API is coming from ElasticSearch in Kibana panel.

Just to make sure ElasticSearch is behind the scene too.


hi @iexpertini, that's a tough one to answer from the information provided.

if that App is using Kibana, it is 100% sure that it is also using Elasticsearch, since Kibana cannot be used as a standalone application, or without an Elasticsearch backend.

Thanks for your reply.

I have swtich my App to use directly Elastic API


But I want to know since I am using Wordpress. How I can call the Taxonomy in Search. My Taxonoy are like this
permalink: "",
terms: {
iwj_cat: [
term_id: 2478,
slug: "legal-law",
name: "Legal/Law",
parent: 0,
term_taxonomy_id: 2478

Should I use localhost:9200/indexname-1/post/_search/?q=QUERY+CATEGORY&size=10&from=20

Or some other better way?

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