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(Humornoy) #1

I can not understand how to use a type filter like LIKE in SQL?
I have this filed:

And try to find all documents, where Acronym LIKE "%CDeviceBufferManager::UpdateBuffer_Locked%", but i have no result. What syntax should i use?

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @Humornoy, using the "query bar" at the top of Discover, you can use something similar to the following: Acronym:"*CDeviceBufferManager::UpdateBuffer_Locked*".

(Humornoy) #3

Doesnt work

(Brandon Kobel) #4

Would you mind confirming whether the Acronym field is a keyword or a text field? If you go to Management -> Index Patterns and then locate your field, if you see it being denoted as "aggregatable" then it's a "keyword" field (which is unanalyzed) and if you see it as not being aggregatable, then it's a "text" field.

Elasticsearch handles text and keyword fields differently, and this relates towards the different ways that you can query them.

(Humornoy) #5

It's aggregatable

(Brandon Kobel) #6

In that case, try Acronym:*CDeviceBufferManager::UpdateBuffer_Locked* (without the quotes)

(Humornoy) #7

Failed to parce query

P.S. thank you for help

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